Getting Started with Software Programming

Anyone wishing to learn the basics of software programming and algorithm development.

Users should have a good working knowledge of computers.

Expected Duration
90 minutes

Today’s computers are powerful tools capable of accomplishing sophisticated tasks, but not without the assistance of skilled software developers. This course introduces the learner to the magic behind computer software development, beginning with a brief history of computer languages and how these languages have evolved into powerful programming environments, and ending with the actual creation of simple algorithms.
Specific topics covered include the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), best practices for developing computer programs, the tools available for software developers, and the basics of computer algorithms. This course doesn’t focus on any one programming language, and instead demonstrates algorithms using pseudocode, a nonspecific method of writing code that is easily converted into practically any programming language.


Understanding the basics of software programming

  • identify stages in the evolution of software programming languages
  • recognize the main types of programming languages that evolved
  • recognize the steps in the software development life cycle
  • identify the differences between the waterfall and extreme programming software development methodologies
  • recognize the features of common programming methodologies
  • recognize the features of a good program
  • recognize the functions of common program development tools
  • demonstrate basic knowledge of computer languages, programs and programmer tools
  • demonstrate knowledge of software methodologies and programming approaches

Introducing algorithms

  • recognize factors to consider when writing an algorithm using the top-down approach
  • recognize how to structure algorithms
  • recognize examples of sequence, selection, and repetition
  • express inputs, processes and outputs as an algorithm
  • create a letter-counting algorithm
  • create a tax-calculating algorithm





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