Getting Started with Windows Vista

First-time computer users; first-time users of Windows operating systems; students with a basic knowledge of other Windows products seeking an introduction to Windows Vista.

No prerequisites

Expected Duration
90 minutes

Windows Vista is Microsoft’s much anticipated, latest release in the desktop operating system market. Vista includes many new features, most notably an updated graphical user interface, and numerous user-friendly features such as Windows Gadgets. This course discusses the hardware requirements necessary to implement Windows Vista, as well as demonstrating how to work with the Start menu, desktop, and Control Panel.


Introducing Windows Vista

  • distinguish between the different editions of Windows Vista
  • recognize the main requirements for installing Windows Vista
  • log on to Vista
  • The Windows Vista Interface

  • use the Start menu
  • access and use the Search box
  • customize the Start menu
  • customize Windows Vista
  • use the taskbar




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