Global Brand Management

Managers and strategic planners who want to develop or refine their strategic brand management skills

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Extending a brand globally is an intricate process that requires thorough research and preparation, organizational commitment, and a strong understanding of the risks and rewards associated with taking a brand global. This course outlines how to best approach global brand development by outlining how to carry out essential international market research and internal analysis, and the key stages associated with launching a global brand. It also provides the main guiding principles for global branding and outlines the level of organizational support required for any successful global branding effort. And it addresses the impact of counterfeiting and trademark infringement on brands, what it means for global brand managers, and how corporate social responsibility can be used as means to help protect global brands.


Developing and Managing a Global Brand

  • determine when implementing a global brand strategy would be effective
  • identify the characteristics of global brands
  • choose the most appropriate strategy to develop a global brand in a given scenario
  • identify the principles to follow when managing a global brand





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