Global Diversity

Managers and employees


Expected Duration
30 minutes

The modern workforce is as diverse as the world in which it exists, with employees representing an extraordinary variety of abilities, cultures, ethnicities, beliefs, and languages. But not all organizations have the strategic foresight to tap in to the wealth of human capital available to them. Even when there is commitment from leadership, inclusion and diversity goals don’t always make it through to the workplace. To leverage the full potential of the workforce, it’s important for organizations, managers, and employees to evaluate and improve the ways in which they support diversity and inclusion, and help ensure employees are being treated fairly.
In this course, you’ll learn about the characteristics of inclusive workplaces and the benefits of supporting diversity. You’ll discover the challenges and barriers to inclusion in the workplace, and learn about recognizing discrimination and bullying. You’ll also cover workplace inclusion and accommodation practices, including strategies for promoting inclusion, and how inclusion policies and procedures support employees.


Diversity and Inclusion in the Modern Workplace

  • identify the characteristics of inclusive workplaces
  • recognize the benefits of supporting a diverse workforce
  • recognize harassment in a workplace setting
  • distinguish characteristics of bullying behavior
  • recognize strategies for promoting inclusion
  • recognize how workplace inclusion policies and procedures support employees





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