Global Safety Principles: Indoor Hoisting and Rigging

All rigging personnel as it pertains to their job description

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Expected Duration
30 minutes

This course is designed to educate the worker on the significant safety issues to be considered while moving large, heavy loads associated with today’s manufacturing and construction industries. The content in this course is designed to comply with the intent of the applicable regulatory requirements. Learner objectives for this course are to specify general safety issues of cranes, hoisting, and rigging; define the purpose of the crane safety program; describe general inspection practices; describe testing practices; describe basic load handling considerations; specify operator responsibilities; and recognize standard hand signals.


Indoor Hoisting and Rigging

  • identify the hazards associated with cranes
  • identify characteristics of safe crane operation
  • identify general inspection practices
  • identify basic load handling considerations
  • identify operator responsibilities
  • identify safe practices for signalers





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