Goals and Setting Goals

Members of business organizations who want to increase their effectiveness at work while exercising more control over their own day-to-day activities and improving their ability to meet long-term personal career goals

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Expected Duration
120 minutes

Most achievements, great or small, begin with an important first step: setting a goal. A clearly defined, attainable goal embodies a vision of what is possible. It’s a guide star for those who navigate a course through obstacles to a desired accomplishment. However, the process of setting appropriate goals is often oversimplified or overlooked entirely. A well-constructed goal is challenging, yet achievable. It takes into account the abilities and resources available and requires the goal seeker to make the best use of both. In this course, you’ll examine the types of goals you can use to advance your career and personal life, learn to construct goals that are both challenging and achievable, discover how to embed the seeds of success within your goals, and explore ways to align your goals with your own priorities and the priorities of others who influence the way you use your time.


Defining Goals

  • identify the benefits of defining achievable goals.
  • differentiate between performance goals and development goals.
  • differentiate between achievable and unachievable goals in a scenario.
  • Thinking Strategically in Goal Setting

  • identify the benefits of using strategic thinking to set goals.
  • assess the amount of risk in a set of proposed goals in a scenario.
  • propose a collaborative goal in a given scenario.
  • Aligning Priorities and Goals

  • identify the benefits of aligning personal priorities with goals.
  • prioritize goals in a scenario.
  • select examples of appropriate strategies for setting alternative goals in a scenario.




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