Google Analytics Fundamentals and Data Collection

Any individual wanting to improve the performance of their online commercial activities and for those wanting to prepare for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) exam


Expected Duration
43 minutes

There are a variety of digital strategies, such as e-commerce and content publishing, which benefit from performance measurement. Using Google Analytics to measure performance data and convert that into actionable insights can help achieve organizational strategies and goals. This course introduces digital analysis, the process of creating and implementing measurement plans, and the types of data and metrics recorded using Google Analytics.


Data Analysis Overview

  • start the course
  • recognize the importance of data collection and various strategies that it supports
  • identify the various elements of digital analysis
  • recognize techniques for segmentation and adding context to performance data
  • identify features of conversion and attribution

Measurement Plan

  • recognize required resources for effective data measurement
  • identify the main steps in creating a measurement plan
  • identify activities leading to plan implementation

Data Collection and Metrics

  • recognize the process whereby data is collected, stored, processed, and reported
  • distinguish between categories of Google Analytics data
  • recognize commonly used Google Analytics data metrics

Practice: Features of Measurement

  • identify steps for creating a data measurement plan and recognize the type of data collected and commonly used metrics





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