Google Apps: Docs and Sheets

Novice users and established Information Technology, or IT, professionals who wish to use Google Apps to create and work with Office-like files


Expected Duration
53 minutes

The core productivity apps in the Google Apps suite are the word processing app Docs and the spreadsheet app Sheets. Both are fully featured and include the functionality of desktop equivalents. This course covers creating and disseminating documents using Docs and Sheets.



  • start the course
  • create and format documents, configure the different views in the interface, and use the various features
  • count words in a document by using the word count feature under Tools
  • create and share word documents, and format the text inside the document
  • save documents from Google Drive to your local drive
  • insert an image into a document and align it
  • move files around within Google Drive


  • name and move the spreadsheet files, enter values, and modify cell formatting
  • create spreadsheets, identify the features to format, and manipulate data
  • add and configure charts based on spreadsheet data

Practice: Docs and Sheets

  • perform tasks in Google Docs and Sheets





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