Google Apps: Slides, Sites, and Google+

Novice users and established IT professionals who wish to use Google Apps to create and work with Office-like files


Expected Duration
63 minutes

Google+ is a cloud-oriented social network that ties in with the rest of the Google ecosystem. Hangouts enable real-time chat and video chat using the same infrastructure. Slides is a fully featured presentation app with features equivalent to desktop offerings. Sites is a website creation and management portal, which enables eye-catching, professional website creation using the same tools and interface as Google Apps. This course covers Google+ and how it ties in with Hangouts and the rest of Google Apps, Slides for creating presentations, and Sites for creating form-driven websites.



  • start the course
  • navigate the interface and use the features of Google+
  • share pictures, documents, and other files publicly and privately using Google+
  • create, join, and use Google+ Communities


  • create a Hangout and invite other users, and join a Hangout created by another user
  • share pictures, documents and other files using a hangout
  • use the Hangouts On Air feature to broadcast a Hangout


  • create a new presentation, choose a theme, create objects, and arrange objects
  • create a presentation, add shapes and text, and share it with other contacts
  • create a new drawing and use the Google drawing tools
  • give your drawing a name, resize drawings, use the menus, navigate in the workspace, and add text and graphics

Sites and Forms

  • create a site using a template and add content
  • create forms and configure questions within them for recipients to input data and integrate the form with a site

Practice: Using Slides, Sites, and Google+

  • perform basic tasks in Slides, Sites, and Google+





Multi-license discounts available for Annual and Monthly subscriptions.