HDI Structured Problem Solving for the Support Professional

  • Technical support staff who need to learn how to resolve incidents and/or problems following a structured problem solving methodology
  • Team leads and managers who want to support their team’s ability to follow the structured problem solving process

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Expected Duration
2 day


Often, analysts use an ad hoc approach to problem solving, guided by their instincts and past experience. But such an approach is inconsistent and often wastes time and resources. Structured problem solving (SPS) provides a systematic approach. It includes defining, describing, establishing possible causes, testing the most probable cause, and verifying the true cause. When integrated into the incident management process, analysts and technicians can use proper questioning skills, critical and creative thinking skills, knowledge capturing skills, and diagnostic skills to solve incidents and problems efficiently and accurately.

This dynamic course focuses on the value of a structured, consistent problem solving process. You will learn to harness your natural problem solving skills and successfully apply them during applicable and energizing activities. You will participate in a continuous workshop scenario intended to engage and embed each learning concept.

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