Hexavalent Chromium

Any employee, manager, or supervisor whose normal job activities could result in exposure to hexavalent chromium

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Expected Duration
30 minutes

Hexavalent chromium, also known as chromium (VI) and hex chrom, is the toxic form of the metal chromium. It has many industry sources, including chromate pigments in paints and dyes; chromates used as anticorrosive agents in primers and surface coatings; chromic acid electroplated on to metal parts; and particle byproducts that result from welding and smelting specific metals.
There are serious potential health effects as a result of exposure to hexavalent chromium in the workplace. Employees are at risk for cancer, respiratory problems, contact dermatitis, and eye infections. These risks led OSHA to introduce a standard (29 CFR 1910.1026) to regulate occupational exposures to hexavalent chromium and it imposes strict exposure limits in the workplace.
This course outlines the sources of hexavalent chromium, the potential health effects of exposure to hexavalent chromium that’s above the permissible levels, and how OSHA regulates chromium in the workplace by regular monitoring and medical surveillance.


Hexavalent Chromium Exposure and Protection

  • recognize examples of how hexavalent chromium exposure occurs
  • identify industrial sources of hexavalent chromium
  • recognize the health effects of hexavalent chromium exposure
  • identify employer obligations in relation to hexavalent chromium monitoring
  • identify appropriate measures for controlling exposure to hexavalent chromium in the workplace
  • recognize when medical surveillance is required
  • identify PLHCP and employer requirements in relation to written medical records





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