Hitting the Recruitment Bull’s-eye

Existing human resource professionals, managers, directors, executives, and business owners working in medium to large organizations, governmental agencies, or nonprofit organizations.


Expected Duration
31 minutes

One of the most significant challenges facing organizations is finding qualified employees. This course covers how to attract the talent needed to meet your organization’s needs, and the recruiting techniques to use to make this happen. You will learn how to consider the needs of the organization as well as the needs of the potential employees. You’ll also learn how to appeal to recruits by tapping into what is important to them in a job. The course also prepares you to establish and implement a recruitment strategy.


Attracting the Right Talent

  • sequence the stages of planning a recruiting strategy to meet your organization’s talent needs
  • distinguish between the main generational groups in the labor market
  • match incentives to the generational group they are likely to appeal to
  • identify the benefits of using a recruitment plan and search plan when recruiting
  • identify examples of common recruitment strategies
  • recognize effective uses of technology in recruiting
  • match recruiting techniques to their advantages for effective recruitment
  • use a variety of techniques to attract the right people to your company





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