HP LoadRunner 12 Essentials: Enhancing Vuser Scripts

Performance engineers and others who are responsible for performance testing of software solutions and wish to learn how to use HP LoadRunner 12.5


Expected Duration
63 minutes

In the HP LoadRunner environment, Vuser scripts are used to emulate real-world business processes. This course covers how to enhance Vuser scripts, how to insert transactions into your scripts, and how to use parameters and correlation to provide flexibility and avoid errors. In this course, you will also learn how to use functions in a script. The course also provides coverage of advanced scripting techniques including how to create a packet capture (PCAP) file and how to generate a script manually or by using Microsoft Visual Studio or Eclipse. You will also learn how to run scripts from the Windows command line and how to compile and run scripts in Linux. This course can be used as part of preparation for the HP LoadRunner 12.x Software exam, HPO-M103, to obtain the HP ATP – LoadRunner v12 certification.


Transactions and Functions

  • start the course
  • describe, insert, and display transactions in a Vuser script
  • describe the purpose of rendezvous points and include them in Vuser scripts
  • use general and protocol-specific Vuser functions in Vuser scripts
  • describe the purpose and types of steps and insert steps into a Vuser script
  • Parameterization and Correlation

  • describe the purpose of parameters and parameter types, and create a parameter for a value in a Vuser script
  • work with existing parameters specified for a Vuser script
  • describe the purpose of correlation and contrast it with parameterization and correlate Vuser scripts using Design Studio
  • show how to search for values that need correlation and manually correlate Vuser scripts
  • manually program a Vuser script using the VuGen editor
  • run Vuser scripts without using the VuGen interface
  • Practice: Enhancing Vuser Scripts

  • practice enhancing LoadRunner Vuser scripts by using features such as transactions, Vuser functions, parameters, and correlation




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