HR as Business Partner: Using Metrics and Designing Strategic Initiatives

Managers, team leaders, human resources, and other professionals who want to evolve the HR Department from a transactional cost center into a strategic business partner in their organization

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

When HR aligns its initiatives with higher-level business strategy, your organization will be better positioned to achieve its goals. By becoming part of the strategic planning process, HR can help drive the future success of the company because, ultimately, all business objectives are met by the organization’s people. By collecting data on meaningful outcomes, HR can steer the organization in the right direction, and design initiatives that directly serve the business strategy.
This course explores how HR can improve its strategic value by examining meaningful metrics and demonstrating their connection to business goals. It also examines how HR can then use these metrics to help design strategic initiatives that enable the organization to create value and differentiate itself from competitors.


Formulating HR Strategies That Meet Business Goals

  • recognize examples of HR activities that exceed traditional expectations and support transformational HR
  • distinguish between internally-focused and strategic uses of HR metrics
  • recognize key considerations for interpreting HR metrics
  • recognize the next step in the process of designing strategic HR initiatives in a given scenario




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