HTML5 APIs and Media

Advanced web developers who need or want to add dynamic client-side interactivity to a web page


Expected Duration
168 minutes

HTML5, its APIs, and JavaScript provide a powerful tool to create robust, rich, dynamic web pages. Using these tools and client-side features of the browser allows developers to create dynamic, media rich, and very interactive sites for their users to interface with. In this course, you’ll learn about the basic building blocks for building highly dynamic, fast, and reactive web pages.


Web Storage and Files

  • start the course
  • describe how to drag and drop files using the File API in HTML5
  • use geolocation data in an HTML5 document
  • select elements using querySelector from within an HTML5 document
  • select a group of elements using querySelectorAll from within an HTML5 document
  • use the query selector tools to find the first instance of an element within an HTML5 document
  • match multiple elements using selectors from within an HTML5 document

Web Storage and Files

  • describe how to use session storage within an HTML5 document
  • create and use a local storage object within HTML5
  • select files using the File API in HTML5

Working with XML

  • describe the use and purpose of XML in HTML5
  • describe the basic features of AJAX in an HTML5 document
  • describe how to use the XMLHttpRequest API in HTML5
  • apply XMLHttpRequest API calls to load a server file into an HTML5 web page
  • use the XMLHttpRequest API to swap an HTML page in an HTML5 document

HTML5 Debugging

  • describe the browser best practices when using HTML5
  • describe how to check for browser support for HTML5
  • troubleshoot issues with HTML5 documents

Working with Media in HTML5

  • describe how to play audio files in HTML5
  • describe how to play video files in HTML5
  • configure the source attribute for audio and video files in HTML5
  • describe how to use the Audio and Video APIs in HTML5
  • describe how to obtain time-related information in HTML5

Advanced Media Techniques in HTML5

  • use media events in an HTML5 document
  • configure preloading, looping, and mute settings on audio and video media in HTML5
  • describe how dynamic sourcing of audio and video content works in HTML5
  • describe how audio and video MIME types are set in HTML5
  • describe how information about the playback of media can be retrieved in HTML5

Practice: Web Page Development Using HTML5

  • develop a robust, rich, and dynamic web page using HTML5 APIs and media





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