IBM Datacap 9.0.1: Introduction

  • Individuals who want to know about Datacap architecture and Datacap clients
  • Administrators who are responsible for configuring and administering Datacap system
  • Application builders who implement data capture solutions using the IBM Datacap software suite


  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Familiarity with data capture concepts is recommended but not required

Expected Duration
1 day


This course introduces you to the Datacap system components, processes, and architecture. You will learn how to use Datacap clients to process document batches.

Note: While class exercises are performed within a Datacap 9.0.1 environment, our expert instructors can provide guidance on all previous versions and their differences.


1. Datacap Overview

  • What is IBM Datacap
  • The three process phases for capturing documents

2. Role-based Datacap Clients

3. Architecture

  • Datacap components
  • Deployment Configuration Options
  • Datacap Folders for Services and Client code
  • Datacap.xml file

4. Datacap Desktop Client

  • Capabilities overview
  • Datacap Desktop – Monitor view
  • Select applications and tasks, and apply filter in the Monitor view

5. Application Design

  • Implementation Guiding Principals
  • Steps to design an application
  • Analyze and define the requirements
  • Application development strategy
  • Scan, upload, classify and verify batches
  • Datacap administrator view
  • User settings
  • Accessibility features of Datacap Navigator interface

6. Introduction to Datacap Navigator

  • What is IBM Datacap Navigator
  • Views in Datacap Navigator
  • Job Monitor
  • Batch processing, Scan, Upload, and Verify
  • User settings and Accessibility features

7. Datacap Web Client (tmweb)

  • Datacap Web Client Operations Monitor Administrator – Workflows
  • Add Users, Groups and Stations
  • Set Privileges and Permissions
  • Configure Shortcuts



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