ICND1 3.0: An Introduction to Networking and Cisco IOS

Anyone, from junior to senior network administrators, who is responsible for the configuration, maintenance, verification, and troubleshooting of Cisco IOS Routers and Switches.


Expected Duration
186 minutes

You will be able to define the characteristics of a network, host-to-host communications, and the role switches play in a network. This course introduces the concept of networking and host-to-host communication. It presents the OSI model, the TCP/IP stack and the characteristics of a network. It also identifies the need for switches within local area networks (LANs) while introducing Cisco IOS which is the software running on Cisco IOS routers and switches.


Exploring the Functions of Networking

  • start the course
  • describe a computer network
  • interpret the physical components of a network
  • describe the characteristics of a network
  • describe availability
  • compare physical and logical topologies
  • interpret a network diagram

Host-to-Host Communications Model

  • implement host-to-host communications
  • interpret the OSI reference model
  • implement using the OSI reference model
  • describe peer-to-peer communications
  • configure local area networks

Introducing LANs

  • describe local area network components
  • describe the need for switches
  • describe the functions of a switch
  • describe switches
  • describe a 2960X-48FPS-L switch
  • describe the Cisco catalyst WS-C3850-48T
  • interpret Cisco IOS software features and functions

Practice: Working with Collision Domains

  • implement collision domains

Operating Cisco IOS Software

  • compare Cisco IOS software modes
  • implement using the different Cisco IOS software modes
  • implement navigating the IOS CLI on a catalyst IOS switch
  • interpret CLI help
  • implement using the CLI
  • describe CLI help on a catalyst IOS switch
  • implement using the CLI on a catalyst IOS switch
  • manage Cisco IOS configuration





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