ICND1 3.0: Discovering Cisco IOS Routers

Anyone, from junior to senior network administrators, who is responsible for the configuration, maintenance, verification, and troubleshooting of Cisco IOS Routers and Switches.


Expected Duration
157 minutes

You will understand how a router fits into the network infrastructure, how a router makes forwarding decisions, and how to build a network diagram using IOS commands. This course introduces you to Cisco IOS Routers and focuses on their roles and functions within a network. It also covers how you can configure, manage, and verify various aspects of an IOS router. CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) and LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) are also discussed in this course.


Exploring the Functions of Routing

  • start the course
  • describe the role of a router
  • describe router components
  • describe a Cisco 2900 series router
  • describe router function
  • describe the routing table
  • describe the most used components in the routing table
  • compare types of dynamic routing protocols
  • describe routing protocol metrics
  • describe path determination
  • implement using path determination
  • prepare route selection

Practice: Using Administrative Distance

  • identifying various administrative distance values

Configuring a Cisco Router

  • configure the initial router setup
  • implement navigating the IOS CLI on an IOS router
  • configure a hostname on an IOS router
  • configure router interfaces
  • implement checking interface configuration and status
  • implement enabling a router interface
  • implement assigning an IP address to a router interface
  • describe connected routes
  • implement show ip interface brief on an IOS router
  • implement show interface on an IOS router
  • implement show ip interface on an IOS router
  • implement exploring connected devices
  • implement Cisco discovery protocol
  • describe using CDP to build a topology
  • implement using CDP to build a topology
  • configure LLDP





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