ICND1 3.0: Discovering Ethernet and Troubleshooting Methodologies

Anyone, from junior to senior network administrators, who is responsible for the configuration, maintenance, verification, and troubleshooting of Cisco IOS Routers and Switches.


Expected Duration
177 minutes

You will be able to identify Ethernet LAN media, describe the functions of a switch, and troubleshoot communication issues with a structured plan. This course focuses on Ethernet networks. It will identify the different types of Ethernet connections and cables that are available as well as the addressing that is needed for Ethernet communication within a LAN. It will also describe how switches handle the different types of frames that may be received on an interface and how to troubleshoot connectivity issues with the LAN.


Understanding Ethernet and Switch Operation

  • start the course
  • describe Ethernet LAN connection media
  • describe unshielded twisted-pair cable
  • describe straight-through and crossover UTP cable
  • compare straight-through and crossover UTP cable
  • describe optical fiber cables and connectors
  • describe Ethernet frame structure
  • describe MAC addresses
  • compare unicast, broadcast, and multicast MAC addresses
  • implement frame switching
  • describe the frame forwarding process
  • implement the frame forwarding process
  • describe the MAC address table
  • compare half and full duplex
  • configure and verify speed on an IOS switch
  • configure and verify duplex on an IOS switch

Practice: Working with Ethernet Cables

  • identify different cable requirements

Practice: Recall Frame Forwarding Process

  • define the frame forwarding process

Troubleshooting Common Switch Media Issues

  • describe troubleshooting methods
  • implement using troubleshooting methods
  • describe the troubleshooting tools
  • compare troubleshooting tools
  • implement using the troubleshooting tools
  • describe troubleshooting common switch media issues
  • implement troubleshooting common switch media issues
  • implement troubleshooting common switch port issues
  • implement troubleshooting duplex-related issues
  • describe the general troubleshooting process

Practice: Identifying Duplex Issues

  • identify a duplex issue





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