ICND1 3.0: Implementing Port Security and Managing the Cisco IOS

Anyone, from junior to senior network administrators, who is responsible for the configuration, maintenance, verification, and troubleshooting of Cisco IOS Routers and Switches.


Expected Duration
154 minutes

You will have the skills to implement Port Security on a Catalyst IOS Switch and understand how to backup and upgrade IOS images on routers and switches. This course describes the need for Port Security and how it can be implemented on a Catalyst IOS switch. It also explores how you can manage IOS images and device configuration files. The course wraps up with a discussion on IOS Licensing.


Implementing Device Hardening

  • start the course
  • describe port security
  • implement port security
  • configure port security
  • verify port security
  • describe port security on a catalyst IOS switch
  • implement port security on a catalyst IOS switch
  • configure and verify security on a catalyst IOS switch
  • verify port security on a catalyst IOS switch
  • implement error-disabled port automatic recovery
  • implement err-disable recovery
  • implement disabling unused services
  • implement Cisco IOS integrated file system and devices
  • manage Cisco IOS images
  • create the Cisco IOS image backup
  • implement upgrading Cisco IOS images
  • implement backing up a catalyst IOS image
  • implement upgrading a catalyst IOS image
  • implement backing up an IOS router image
  • implement upgrading an IOS router image
  • describe managing device configuration files
  • implement managing device configuration files
  • describe password recovery
  • implement password recovery
  • describe licensing
  • verify licensing
  • implement permanent license installation
  • implement uninstalling the license





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