ICND1 3.0: IPv4 Access Control Lists

Anyone, from junior to senior network administrators, who are responsible for the configuration, maintenance, verification, and troubleshooting of Cisco IOS Routers and Switches.


Expected Duration
181 minutes

You will be able to create, read, and verify, IPv4 standard access-control lists. This course focuses on IPv4 Standard Access Control Lists. It also introduces you to Named IPv4 ACLS and Extended IPv4 ACLS.


Learning the Basics of ACL

  • start the course
  • describe an ACL
  • describe ACL operation
  • describe ACL wildcard masking
  • implement ACL wildcard masking
  • implement converting a subnet mask to a wildcard mask
  • describe determining a wildcard mask for a range
  • implement determining a wildcard mask for a range
  • describe wildcard bit mask abbreviations
  • describe ACL logic
  • create a basic wildcard mask
  • create an advanced wildcard mask
  • describe the types of ACLs
  • configure IPv4 ACLs
  • identify the types of ACLs
  • describe creating a standard numbered IPv4 ACL
  • create a standard numbered IPv4 ACL
  • implement removing entries from an ACL
  • implement using ACLs to filter network traffic
  • apply ACLs to interfaces
  • implement applying ACLs to interfaces
  • configure named ACLs
  • apply ACL directionality
  • apply an ACL to an interface
  • create an extended numbered IP ACL
  • implement creating an extended numbered IP ACL
  • create an extended named IP ACL

Practice: Working with Wildcard Masks

  • determine the wildcard mask for a subnet





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