ICND2 2.0: Establishing a WAN Connection Using Frame Relay

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Frame Relay is a standardized WAN technology that is a well-proven, packet-switching, connection-oriented technology that is used to interconnect remote sites. This course describes the basic functionality of Frame Relay, including topologies, reachability issues, and LMI signaling. The course also describes how to configure basic Frame Relay and Frame Relay over point-to-point and multipoint subinterfaces. The course concludes with verification of Frame Relay operations.

Target Audience

Anyone wishing to obtain Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 200-120 certification that validates the knowledge and skills required to install, operate, and troubleshoot a medium-sized network, including connecting to a WAN and implementing network security. Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 2 (200-101 ICND2) is an essential course for students preparing for the CCNA Routing and Switching certification or the ICND2 certification. Students pursuing the CCNA Routing and Switching certification should attend parts 1 & 2 of the ICND course. Network administrators, network engineers, network managers, network designers, and project managers. Familiarity with network fundamentals, implementing local-area networks, Internet connectivity, managing network device security, implementing WAN connectivity and basic IPv6 connectivity is recommended.


Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Understanding Frame Relay

  • describe the basic functionality of Frame Relay
  • Examining DLCIs

  • describe the purpose of DLCIs in a Frame Relay network
  • Frame Relay Topologies and Reachability Issues

  • match Frame Relay topologies to their descriptions
  • recognize potential solutions to Frame Relay reachability issues
  • Frame Relay Signaling

  • describe Frame Relay LMI signaling
  • Frame Relay Address Mappings

  • describe Frame Relay address mappings and Inverse ARP
  • Point-to-Point vs. Multipoint

  • compare the differences between point-to-point and multipoint Frame Relay
  • Configuring Point-to-Point Frame Relay Connections

  • recognize when to configure a static Frame Relay map
  • identify the commands used to configure point-to-point Frame Relay
  • Configuring Multipoint Frame Relay

  • identify commands for configuring multipoint Frame Relay
  • Configuring Serial Interfaces for Frame Relay

    Verifying Frame Relay Configuration

  • identify the Frame Relay show commands that you can use to verify that Frame Relay is running as intended
  • Troubleshooting Frame Relay Connectivity