Identifying, Adding, and Removing System Components

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To present system modules and their characteristics and demonstrate how to add and remove field replaceable units (FRUs) from desktops and portables

Target Audience

Anyone wanting to become a hardware support technician


Computer service technicians at entry level or with up to 6 months on-the-job experience

Expected Duration

200 min.

Course Objectives

Identifying, Adding, and Removing System Components

  • identify system module names and characteristics.
  • identify the characteristics of power supplies, storage, and display devices.
  • identify external connectors, ports, and system modules.
  • add and remove a system board, a power supply unit, and a fan for a desktop computer.
  • remove and install floppy disk drives, hard drives, CD-ROM drives, DVDs, tape drives, and removable storage devices.
  • add input devices, and add and remove adapters for a desktop computer.
  • replace an existing power supply and add a DVD drive.
  • add and remove input devices and power sources for portable systems.
  • add and remove memory, storage devices, and adapters in portable systems.
  • add memory to a notebook computer and install a DVD-RW drive.