Identifying Six Sigma Projects

Candidates seeking Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification and any other individuals involved in quality and process improvement at the organizational or departmental level

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Expected Duration
89 minutes

For a successful implementation of a Six Sigma improvement initiative the customer’s preferences and business requirements must be captured. The Voice of the Customer is important for a project that aims to increase value and quality to the customers. The Voice of the Business is important when the project aims to improve internal efficiencies and productivity. The project selection process helps determine which projects are feasible and which provide the greatest benefit to the customer and the organization. It is important to identify who the project stakeholders are and what their interest in the project is in order to meet their expectations. In this course, you will learn how to capture information from the Voice of the Customer and the Voice of the Business and use a project selection process to decide which projects to pursue and what methodology to use. The course examines how to identify project stakeholders and the inputs and outputs of a process. This course is aligned to the ASQ Body of Knowledge and is designed to assist Yellow Belt candidates toward their certification and also to become productive members on their Six Sigma project teams.


Voice of the Customer

  • identify considerations associated with Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Business when determining project requirements
  • sequence the steps for implementing a VOC strategy in a Six Sigma project
  • recognize how customer information is used during project definition
  • choose the appropriate data collection method for the type of information you need to gather
  • classify examples of the types of customer requirements
  • demonstrate your understanding of concepts related to gathering and using Voice of the Customer data during project definition

Six Sigma Project Selection

  • identify best practices when selecting a Six Sigma project
  • recognize how a priority matrix is used during project selection
  • select the best Six Sigma methodology given project information
  • use Six Sigma tools to select a project and methodology

Stakeholder Analysis

  • determine an appropriate strategy for stakeholder management given a completed stakeholder register
  • classify customers as internal or external
  • identify the process owner on a given Six Sigma project
  • identify and manage the stakeholders on a Six Sigma project

Process Inputs and Outputs

  • recognize the components that make up a process
  • label process variables according to where they belong in a SIPOC diagram
  • use SIPOC to identify process components





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