Implementing and Sustaining Process Improvement

Supervisors, team leaders, process owners, and managers at all levels who want to develop or refine their skills for leading sustainable process improvement


Expected Duration
30 minutes

At the end of the day, we must be effective in carrying out our process improvement or there will be no return on the investment. In this course, you’ll move into the implementation of process improvement, with time-proven methods for planning, implementing, and sustaining your efforts. You’ll learn how to assess the pitfalls and barriers that can slow you down, mitigate the risks, and communicate strategically with different types of stakeholders. You’ll learn how to keep the improvement on track using key principles of project management, and you’ll discover tactics for embedding the improvement deep in the operations of your organization.


Implementing and Sustaining Process Improvement

  • address risks to sustainable process improvement
  • identify key stakeholders using RACI analysis
  • recognize strategies for effective communication planning
  • identify the general principles of process improvement management
  • identify strategies for sustaining process improvement
  • apply techniques to implement and sustain process improvement





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