Implementing Security for SQL in VB.NET Applications

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To determine how to secure SQL connections, select the most appropriate strategy to protect against SQL injection attacks, and handle user input using various validation and error handling techniques

Target Audience

All organizations, businesses, or individual .NET application developers desiring to learn how to develop and implement secure applications


Ability to develop applications in Visual Basic .NET, knowledge of Web Services, and a broad knowledge of the .NET Framework

Expected Duration

170 min.

Course Objectives

Implementing Security for SQL in VB.NET Applications

  • identify best practices for securing SQL connections.
  • connect to SQL Server using different modes of authentication.
  • determine how to secure SQL connections, given a scenario.
  • identify the characteristics of a SQL injection attack and recognize how SQL injections are used.
  • identify ways to reduce the risk of SQL injection attacks.
  • determine the most appropriate strategy for protecting against SQL injection attacks in a given scenario.
  • apply appropriate techniques for validating SQL user input in VB.NET applications in given situations.
  • handle SQL errors and exceptions.
  • implement SQL data validation and error handling techniques.