Installation of ISA Server 2000

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To demonstrate how to install ISA Server on a computer running Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and configure web proxy, firewall, and SecureNAT clients

Target Audience

IT Professionals including web administrators, network administrators, and security administrators but not network architects


The Group Policy module in the Microsoft Windows 2000 learning path; the Microsoft Windows 2000 – Implementing a Network Infrastructure learning path, or equivalent skills

Expected Duration

230 min.

Course Objectives

Installation of ISA Server 2000

  • identify ISA Server 2000 editions, describe the benefits of ISA Server, and list the ISA server modes.
  • describe how ISA servers cache web content, and identify the types of caching that ISA Server supports.
  • describe the function of firewalls.
  • explain common roles of ISA Server 2000 in different deployment scenarios.
  • list hardware and software requirements for ISA Server 2000.
  • specify the initial cache size and configure the LAT for an ISA server.
  • install ISA Server in Integrated mode.
  • upgrade servers from Microsoft Proxy 2.0 to Microsoft ISA Server 2000.
  • install the ISA Server administration tools on another computer.
  • identify the clients that ISA Server 2000 supports.
  • configure web proxy and SecureNAT clients.
  • install and configure firewall clients.
  • install and configure ISA Server 2000 clients.
  • troubleshoot ISA Server 2000 installation and client installation.
  • describe the management tools available in ISA Server 2000 and maintain the LAT and LDT.
  • back up and restore ISA Server configuration and describe managing the services associated with ISA Server.
  • use the ISA Management snap-in to add a new range of IP addresses to a LAT and back up and restore an ISA Server server.