Installing and Upgrading SQL Server 2016

SQL Server database administrators and application developers


Expected Duration
109 minutes

Whether performing a SQL Server 2016 installation or an upgrade, it’s important to understand the numerous recommended pre- and post-installation best practices set forth by Microsoft to ensure a successful deployment. This course covers deployment options such as unattended installations and upgrades, as well as the various tools available in SQL Server 2016 to migrate data and ensure compatibility. This course is one of a series of courses that cover the objectives for the 20765A: Provisioning SQL Databases exam.


Installation and Configuration

  • start the course
  • explain SQL Server 2016 tempdb files
  • describe tempdb attributes
  • understand tempdb sizing
  • describe SQL installation options
  • demonstrate how to install SQL Server 2016
  • recognize post-installation best practices
  • demonstrate SQL Server servicing installation
  • recognize unattended installation options
  • perform an unattended SQL Server 2016 installation

Upgrading to SQL Server 2016

  • create an upgrade strategy for SQL Server 2016
  • recognize the supported upgrade paths for SQL Server 2016
  • use the data migration assistance in SQL Server 2016
  • explain how to upgrade from SQL Server 2005
  • explain how and when to use the in-place upgrade option
  • explain how and when to use the side-by-side upgrade option
  • describe hybrid and rolling upgrade options in SQL Server 2016
  • demonstrate how to use the upgrade advisor in SQL Server 2016
  • describe the SQL Server distributed replay feature

Practice: Server 2016 Installation Options

  • determine the appropriate installation options and features for a given scenario





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