Integrate Development and Operations (DevOps)

IT professionals who manage and control all aspects and roles within the software application development lifecycle; IT developers; application tests and deployment specialists; professionals involved in application production; students studying and preparing for Exam 70-498


Expected Duration
92 minutes

DevOps is an abbreviation for a modern methodology that describe practices and technologies (automated and manual) that support tight integration between the application development and production (including testing and quality) environments. By integrating the traditional isolated environments, the ALM process supports an open communications methodology, and allows for controlled automated processes within the entire application lifetime. In this course, you will learn that Visual Studio is designed around the DevOps idea, and provides a number of supporting components and methods to promote controlled automation, monitoring, and improved communication within the ALM process. You will also learn about the available tools and techniques within Visual Studio that support DevOps.


Automated Testing and Deployment

  • start the course
  • work with DevOps support tools
  • describe test workflow and environments
  • describe testing environments
  • work with Test Manager
  • create test environments
  • use visual studio to create a cloud-based load test
  • describe Build settings
  • describe diagnostics and available tools
  • work with diagnostic tools and logs
  • Feedback Management

  • describe integration tools
  • give an overview of System Center components with reference to DevOps
  • Troubleshooting in Production

  • describe troubleshooting
  • describe defect management and IntelliTrace
  • describe the IntelliTrace tool
  • outline IntelliTrace files and function
  • configure IntelliTrace
  • work with IntelliTrace
  • Practice: Test within DevOps

  • describe testing and integration within a DevOps environment




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