Interacting with Customers

Individuals who want to develop or refresh their customer service skills.


Expected Duration
30 minutes

Failing to realize the importance of customer service and effective communication can lead to increasingly dissatisfied customers. This course provides valuable advice on how to improve your interactions with customers, including how to overcome barriers to communication as well as how to speak effectively, use vocal cues, and listen actively and use paraphrasing to convey your understanding of the customer’s needs.


Speaking and Listening to Customers

  • classify examples of communication as formal or informal
  • identify methods to overcome barriers to effective communication
  • recognize the skills required for effective speaking
  • match positive and negative vocal cues with examples
  • identify the factors that contribute to effective listening
  • match the mirroring behaviors involved in active listening to their characteristics
  • identify the benefits of using paraphrasing techniques
  • use verbal communication skills effectively in a customer support environment




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