Interface and Company Settings

Business professionals who wish to enter and manage all accounting transactions of an organization


Expected Duration
43 minutes

The QuickBooks Pro 2017 interface allows you to effect precise detail on your company information, account settings, items and services, and sales tax and assets. In this course, you’ll explore in greater depth the QuickBooks Pro 2017 interface, and you’ll learn how to get started with QuickBooks by using the company pane, tweaking your company settings, tracking accounts, items, and services, and setting up sales taxes and fixed assets.


The QuickBooks Interface

  • start the course
  • demonstrate how to work with the QuickBooks Shortcuts panel
  • demonstrate use of the menu system and describe how it complements the main interface
  • describe how to turn on payroll, order checks and supplies, add more users, and accept credit cards
  • describe the QuickBooks Community and how it can be used to search for information and enhance the user experience

The Company Pane

  • describe the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts and how it relates to your business accounting
  • demonstrate how to modify accounts in the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts
  • describe how products and services can be added as separate income accounts
  • demonstrate how to add and remove items and services in QuickBooks
  • describe the QuickBooks calendar and how it can assist you in tracking important financial information

Setting Up Your Company

  • describe how to set up sales tax items
  • describe how to set up your company to receive inventory
  • describe how to use the document center and attach documents to transactions and items





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