Intermediate Programming in

This path is targeted toward individuals who wish to build applications in


Expected Duration
130 minutes

Since is so popular, an in-depth knowledge of how to create applications is essential for any application developer. In this course, you will learn the techniques for designing and programming applications. You will also learn the architecture of and the basics of the Apex programming language.


Working with Quick Actions

  • start the course
  • describe and create global actions
  • describe how to customize global layout
  • identify objects and actions associated with them
  • work with fields and set their values
  • create actions and add them to the page layout

Application Security

  • work with security profiles and user access control
  • create new users for an application
  • describe how to control user access to certain records
  • describe, create, and manage permissions
  • describe how implements security
  • create and work with security roles

Introduction to Apex Programming

  • work with the developers console
  • describe how Apex uses classes and methods
  • describe how methods are called from actions
  • create and use triggers

Developing Custom GUIs

  • describe development mode and its use
  • create and work with HTML pages
  • use stylesheets in Apex
  • describe how Apex uses controllers
  • create custom forms in Apex
  • recognize tags, their functionality, and uses

Intermediate Apex Programming

  • distinguish between the various Apex variables and data types, and use flow of control statements
  • recognize how classes and instances work in Apex
  • describe the functionality and uses of Apex DML
  • recognize how to exchange applications with AppExchange

Practice: Creating Applications

  • create a full-featured application





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