Internet Explorer 8: Advanced Features

End users who want to familiarize themselves with the new features of Internet Explorer 8.

A basic familiarity with the Windows environment

Expected Duration
90 minutes

This course discusses how you can customize Internet Explorer 8 by installing add-ons and Accelerators. These new features enable you to more quickly perform common tasks on the Internet. You can further customize Internet Explorer 8 by setting one or more web pages as your home page and customizing the browser interface. The course also covers how Internet Explorer 8 makes it easier for you to ensure your security and privacy when on the Internet through two new features – SmartScreen Filter and InPrivate. SmartScreen Filter warns you when you attempt to download a known malware file or visit a known phishing site, and helps you navigate away from these dangers. You can also use SmartScreen Filter to report suspicious sites you may find. InPrivate Browsing enables you to browse the Internet without leaving traces of the sites you’ve visited. And InPrivate Filtering limits the amount of information third-party sites can gather about you when you’re browsing the Internet.


Customizing Internet Explorer 8

  • customize the IE 8 browser
  • use an Accelerator in IE 8
  • customize IE 8
  • use an Accelerator

Internet Explorer 8 Security and Privacy

  • report a suspicious site to Microsoft through SmartScreen Filter
  • recognize ways in which you can protect yourself against phishing and malware
  • use an InPrivate Browsing session
  • use InPrivate Filtering
  • use SmartScreen Filter to help ensure your online safety
  • use InPrivate to help ensure your online privacy





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