Internet of Things Applications

Developers wishing to obtain an understanding of the fundamental concepts of the Internet of Things


Expected Duration
73 minutes

The Internet of Things integrates a large number of technologies both new and old. It promises to deliver unprecedented awareness of environments and processes. The Internet of Things will allow granular control and automation of tasks. In this course, you will learn about the features and abilities of the Internet of Things. You’ll also learn about the software and operating systems available to implement it.


What is the Internet of Things?

  • start the course
  • identify the purpose and ideas behind IoT
  • describe the history of IoT
  • identify the promise and possibilities of IoT
  • identify the applications of IoT
  • identify potential IoT security issues
  • identify some of the forces driving IoT development
  • identify the way IoT and the Internet are advancing each other
  • identify protocols used by IoT devices
  • identify characteristics that make up IoT deployments

Applications of IoT

  • identify the applications of IoT for home automation
  • identify the applications of IoT for motor vehicles
  • identify the industrial applications of IoT technology
  • identify the wearable applications of IoT technology

IoT OS Solutions

  • identify operating systems designed for IoT devices
  • identify the features of Windows 10 IoT Core
  • identify the role and features of Linux in the IoT
  • identify the features of the Contiki OS
  • identify the features of the RIOT OS
  • identify the features and characteristics of TinyOS
  • identify and compare lesser known embedded operating systems

IoT Frameworks

  • identify features of the AllSeen IoT framework
  • identify features of the Eclipse Kura framework
  • identify the goals and features of the Mihini framework project
  • identify the capabilities of the IoTivity framework

Practice: Build a Windows 10 IoT Core App

  • build an application on Windows 10 IoT Core





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