Interoperability and Serviced Components

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To show how to access unmanaged code from .NET and vice versa, and how to build, deploy, and use serviced components

Target Audience

All Microsoft VB.NET developers wanting to write enterprise applications with serviced components, Windows Services, or .NET Remoting, or studying for the 70-310 exam Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework


Experience of creating assemblies with VB.NET and familiarity with XML concepts

Expected Duration

200 min.

Course Objectives

Interoperability and Serviced Components

  • access COM components from .NET.
  • access .NET components from a COM application
  • access COM components from a .NET client and .NET components from a COM client.
  • use Platform Invoke to call specific unmanaged DLL functions.
  • define serviced components and identify the services available in the Component Services environment.
  • create a specific serviced component and add transactions, object pooling, and JIT activation.
  • configure a serviced component and add security to it.
  • build a specific serviced component.
  • register, consume, and manage a specific serviced component.
  • register, consume, and manage a serviced component.