Interpersonal Communication: Communicating Assertively

Individuals who want to develop or refresh their interpersonal communication skills

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Effective communication in the workplace can be a balancing act. If you’re too passive, you may have trouble getting others to do what you want. If you’re too aggressive, you may turn people off. Getting what you want in the workplace requires a balance of assertiveness without aggressiveness.
This course will guide you as you move into a more straightforward and more effective communication style. You’ll learn about the benefits of assertive behavior and how to distinguish it from passive, aggressive, or passive-aggressive behavior. You’ll also learn about the requirements for assertive communication, such as being honest and straightforward, being respectful of others’ needs and feelings, and using assertive body language and tone. Finally, you’ll learn about how to increase the power of your assertive communication when your first attempts don’t get the results you intended. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.


Communicating Assertively

  • classify the behavior styles exhibited in a given scenario
  • recognize statements and practices that demonstrate assertiveness, in a given scenario
  • communicate assertively in a given scenario




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