Introducing Cloud Computing

This course is intended for customers looking for an overview of the cloud computing concept, the services provided and the benefits and concerns of implementing these types of services. The course intends to provide a general overview to business leaders and executives involved in choosing to implement solutions for their companies or enterprises.

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Expected Duration
90 minutes

This course explores the evolution and definition of cloud computing and cloud services. It provides a look at the key characteristics that make cloud services unique and very valuable to some business scenarios. The course serves as a basic technology overview of the concepts and strategies emerging from the cloud and aims to provide the background needed to determine if and how cloud products and services can improve traditional business processes.


Cloud Computing Concepts and Strategies

  • identify typical examples of how cloud computing can be used
  • recognize how technological enablers have contributed to the development of cloud computing
  • identify the core characteristics of cloud computing
  • distinguish between service model and deployment model types
  • determine the type of cloud computing service that is being offered
  • determine the type of cloud computing service that is required in a given scenario
  • Cloud Computing Benefits and Considerations

  • classify the benefits of cloud computing
  • identify key cloud computing implementation considerations
  • recognize when a cloud computing solution is appropriate
  • determine if a cloud computing scenario is appropriate for a given scenario




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