Introduction to Green Business and Sustainability

Members of any organization considering adopting more sustainable enterprise practices and individuals looking to effect social change within their organization

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Expected Duration
120 minutes

While the concepts of green business and sustainable enterprise are not new, they are becoming increasingly vital in today’s business climate. Natural resources are being depleted at previously unheard of levels, organizations are faced with new challenges in resource and waste management, and consumers are becoming more curious about the origins and environmental footprint left by the products they consume. Companies willing to accept the challenge of going green and adopting green business practices stand to reap environmental, social, and economic rewards. Many companies currently facing the challenge have survived, and even thrived, to tell about it.
This course introduces the concept of sustainability, including sustainability goals and types of sustainability. It outlines the factors that are driving the need for environmental sustainability and explores the social, economic, and environmental benefits of adopting green business practices. The challenges and risks involved with adopting and not adopting such practices are also covered.


Introducing Green Business

  • recognize the importance of taking personal responsibility for promoting sustainability in your organization
  • recognize key concepts of sustainability
  • identify examples of factors that would influence a company’s decision to move toward sustainability
  • identify the benefits of environmental sustainability
  • Sustainability: Opportunities, Risks, Challenges

  • recognize the benefits of being able to identify the risks and challenges of adopting sustainability strategies
  • identify examples of opportunities presented by sustainability
  • recognize risks of sustainability
  • identify key concepts about the challenges of adopting sustainability practices




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