Introduction to Justinmind

Application and web site designers and developers interested in learning how to use Justinmind to create and share working prototypes for web and mobile applications.


Expected Duration
159 minutes

Both Justinmind online services and the Justinmind desktop application provide powerful tools for creating working prototypes of web and mobile applications. In this course, you will learn how to create and manage a Justinmind account, and about the online services you can use the account to access. You’ll also learn how to install and navigate the Justinmind desktop application, how to set preferences and install plug-ins for it, and how to use it to share access to projects. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers how to use Justinmind.


The Justinmind Web Page

  • start the course
  • identify the key areas and options on the Justinmind web page
  • use menu options to navigate the Justinmind web page

Creating and Managing an Online Account

  • differentiate between the three Justinmind account types
  • create a Justinmind account and use it to log in to the Justinmind web site
  • identify the main options and services that are available in an online Justinmind account
  • access and manage account settings in Justinmind

Introductory Information and Support

  • access the Justinmind functionality covered in the tour
  • navigate the online support pages for Justinmind

Managing Projects, Users, and Notifications

  • use the Projects page to navigate account projects and prototypes in Justinmind
  • use the Users page to create and manage account users in Justinmind
  • create and manage notifications in Justinmind

The Justinmind Desktop Application

  • install the Justinmind desktop application
  • identify key features and navigate menus in the Justinmind desktop application
  • upgrade the free version of Justinmind
  • use the options available on the Justinmind splash page
  • access help and support from the splash page of the Justinmind desktop application
  • use the help options in the Justinmind desktop application

Configuring Justinmind Preferences

  • set general preferences in the Justinmind desktop application
  • set backup preferences in the Justinmind desktop application
  • set preferences for functional scenarios in the Justinmind desktop application
  • set account preferences in the Justinmind desktop application
  • set network configuration preferences in the Justinmind desktop application
  • configure requirements fields using preference settings in the Justinmind desktop application
  • set user interface preferences in the Justinmind desktop application

Project Teamwork and Plug-ins

  • use options for sharing projects in Justinmind

Practice: Setting Up Justinmind

  • manage online account settings, projects, users, notifications, and preferences in Justinmind





Multi-license discounts available for Annual and Monthly subscriptions.