Introduction to Oracle and SQL in Oracle Database 10g

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To introduce Oracle as a relational database management system (RDBMS) and to demonstrate how to use basic SQL statements

Target Audience

Database administrators, application developers, and database operators


Familiarity with RDBMS technologies and programming techniques

Expected Duration

200 min.

Course Objectives

Introduction to Oracle and SQL in Oracle Database 10g

  • identify the basic principles of the relational model for databases.
  • identify how to use an entity relationship model to design a relational database.
  • list the main features and functions of the Oracle Database 10g release.
  • write basic SELECT statements for extracting data from a database.
  • enhance SQL statements to refine query results.
  • retrieve data from an Oracle 10g database using the SQL SELECT statement.
  • interact with script files in iSQL*Plus.
  • use iSQL* Plus in an Oracle 10g database to execute SQL statements and interact with script files.
  • use the WHERE clause to restrict the data returned by a SQL statement.
  • use the ORDER BY clause and substitution variables in SQL statements.
  • restrict and sort data using WHERE and ORDER BY clauses and substitution variables.