Introduction to Programming

Programmers and developers who want to better understand software development


Expected Duration
174 minutes

Software Development Fundamentals covers a common set of methodologies used when creating programs with a variety of programming languages. In this course you’ll explore how to create programs, what decision structures are, and also explore the basics of object-oriented programming.


Creating Programs

  • start the course
  • create a basic C# program
  • define the basic structure of a C# program
  • create variables and constants
  • define different variable data types
  • create arrays
  • use math operators
  • create a basic C# program
  • read a text file and display its contents using C#
  • read a text file and display its contents using C#

Decision Structures

  • use if statements
  • use if-else statements
  • use conditional operators
  • use switch statements
  • use while and do-while loops
  • use for and foreach loops
  • implement recursion in software programming
  • use exception handling
  • use try, catch, and finally statements together

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

  • create a class in C#
  • create objects from a C# class
  • create properties for C# objects
  • reference objects using the this keyword
  • use an object to trigger an event
  • use namespaces with objects
  • implement static members
  • implement structs
  • define the purpose of access modifiers
  • define inheritance in object-oriented programming
  • define inheritance in object-oriented programming

Practice: Introduction to Programming

  • recognize introductory programming concepts





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