Introduction to the features of Flash 8

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To recognize and use the features of Flash 8

Target Audience

The audience will be a range of in-training or established IT professionals needing to learn how to use Flash without any experience with the specific product


As prerequisites for this path, learners should have basic computing and word-processing skills, familiarity with web terminology and Internet navigation, and experience working in a Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh environment

Expected Duration

220 min.

Course Objectives

Introduction to the features of Flash 8

  • identify the features of Flash 8.
  • navigate the Flash 8 interface.
  • recognize how to use the Timeline and layers, given a scenario.
  • manipulate the timeline and layers in a given scenario.
  • use Flash 8 panels in a given scenario.
  • recognize which shape tool to use, given a scenario.
  • recognize which tool to use, given a scenario.
  • recognize how to manipulate images in Flash in a given scenario.
  • modify, import, and trace images in Flash 8.
  • identify the features and functions of libraries, symbols, and instances.
  • manipulate symbols in a given scenario.
  • create and edit a symbol, and use the Movie Explorer in a given scenario.