Intrusion Detection and Response in Networked Environments

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To describe how to detect and respond to network intruders

Target Audience

Network administrators, firewall administrators, system administrators, application developers, and IT security officers


A good knowledge of networking and internetworking, including a detailed knowledge of the OSI model and the TCP/IP protocol suite

Expected Duration

240 min.

Course Objectives

Intrusion Detection and Response in Networked Environments

  • identify common targets for attack on a network.
  • discuss how to respond to potential combined attacks against a network.
  • discuss how to counteract IP-based attacks.
  • run a check for suspicious ports on a networked computer.
  • discuss the principles of detecting network intruders.
  • describe how to distract network intruders and limit the damage they can cause.
  • set up a decoy account and monitor both failed and successful login attempts.
  • describe the characteristics and features of intrusion detection systems.
  • describe the different types of intrusion detection mechanisms.
  • discuss the deployment of intrusion detection systems.
  • discuss how to respond to and manage computer-related security incidents.
  • recognize the functionality and deployment issues of intrusion detection.