iOS Application Development: iOS 10 Features

Developers who want to learn how to use the iOS SDK, Swift, and Xcode to develop native iOS applications


Expected Duration
115 minutes

iOS 10 is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. It builds on iOS9 to expose more features and functionality that developers can use to create apps. This course covers some of the features IOS 10 provides such as Siri and Spotlight Integration. This course also covers iMessage applications, iOS10 style notifications, and configuring apps and device displays to work with True Tone and Wide Color.


SiriKit and Speech Recognition

  • start the course
  • use Siri to initiate sending a message to a custom application
  • use the resolve and confirm methods of a domain when implementing SiriKit
  • create a custom UI when integrating with Siri
  • use the Speech Recognition framework to transcribe audio to text
  • App Search and Proactive Suggestions

  • configure location data for suggestion in iOS
  • use the Core Spotlight index to search content within an app
  • configure a Core Spotlight search results to be continuable in app
  • Message App Integration

  • create a custom iMessage application
  • create a custom Sticker Pack application
  • User Notifications and Widgets

  • create and use local notifications in iOS 10
  • customize a local user notifications appearance
  • create local user notifications that users can take actions on
  • work with the different display modes of lock screen widgets in iOS 10
  • Device Display and Core Data

  • understand wide color support in iOS 10
  • configure True Tone shifts in iOS 10
  • use the new Core Data stack in iOS 10
  • Practice: App Extensions

  • practice creating a new iOS10 iMessage Application




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