IP Phones and CallManager Configuration

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To select the most appropriate IP Telephony endpoints for a Cisco IP Telephony solution and configure Cisco CallManager to support IP Phones using the CallManager Configuration tool

Target Audience

IT professionals responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining the ongoing administration of a Cisco IP Telephony solution; candidates preparing for the Cisco IP Telephony exam (642-444 CIPT)


CCNA certification; Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks (BCMSN); Cisco voice over IP (CVOICE); Microsoft Software for Cisco Voice (MSCV)

Expected Duration

115 min.

Course Objectives

IP Phones and CallManager Configuration

  • determine the most appropriate IP Phone and VoIP device to use, in a given scenario.
  • recognize the steps in the Cisco IP Phone startup process and identify the audio codecs supported by Cisco IP Phones.
  • recognize how to eliminate DNS reliance and configure device pools for Cisco IP Phones.
  • recognize how to create and use Cisco CallManager IP Phone button templates.
  • recognise how to manually add and configure IP Phones in Cisco CallManager and configure CallManager to support IP Phone auto-registration.
  • configure CallManager to eliminate the need for a DNS server and configure a CallManager group and device pool for Cisco IP Phones.