IPWSP-NE – Introducing Python and Web Services Programmability for Network Engineers v3.0

  • Network administrators, engineers, and operations technicians
  • Individuals interested in learning about programming


  • Solid understanding of networking protocols, routing, and switching
  • CCNA certification and experience with Cisco routers and switches is recommended but not required

Expected Duration
4 day


In this course, you will learn about the interoperability of Python programming with networking to prepare the next generation engineers for software defined networking (SDN). This class is designed for network engineers and administrators looking to add necessary programming skills in preparation for various ACI and SDN technologies as well as interacting with Web Services on appliances such as the F5, A10, and Cisco UCS. A skillset of data extraction for interacting with big data platforms is emphasized in this course.


1. Basic Constructs

  • Execute printing
  • Execute variables
  • Execute built in methods
  • Execute input from users
  • Boolean

2. Advanced Constructs

  • Execute redundant scripts
  • Execute functions
  • Execute classes

3. Scaling Python

  • Execute Reading Files scripts
  • Execute Writing to File scripts
  • Execute Reading and Writing to Spreadsheets
  • Reading and Writing to Databases
  • Execute substituting strings and integers
  • Execute while loops
  • Execute for loops and lists
  • Execute slicing
  • Updating and editing a list
  • Error checking

4. Dictionaries and Regular Expressions

  • Execute dictionaries
  • Delete dictionaries
  • Execute dictionaries with lists
  • Execute Regular expressions (match, search, findall, sub)

5. Introduction to Web Services Protocols

  • Common Web Services Protocols and Transport methods
  • The Management Information Tree view of accessing objects
  • Object naming conventions
  • What an encoded document is in relation to plain text.

6. XML and JSON

  • Basic XML concepts
  • Format of an XML document
  • Basic JSON concepts
  • Format of a JSON document

7. Data Models

  • Generic parts of an XML Schema
  • Flow of how an XML Schema is used

8. Modifying the Schema

  • Use CURL to post and retrieve data from a schema
  • Use POSTMAN to post and retrieve data from a schema
  • Use Python with a native API to an appliance
  • Use Python without a native API to an appliance

9. Data Extraction and Manipulation

  • Load and parse a JSON Document
  • Load and Parse an XML Document



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