ISDN Protocols

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To explain ISDN protocols and signaling

Target Audience

Network managers, builders of wide area networks, systems engineers, and technical support staff


An understanding of telecommunication fundamentals, basic data communications, internetworking, and LAN technologies

Expected Duration

320 min.

Course Objectives

ISDN Protocols

  • explain how the OSI reference model relates to ISDN.
  • explain the functions of protocols and signaling in ISDN.
  • relate ISDN components to the OSI reference model.
  • describe S/T and U reference points on an ISDN BRI interface.
  • describe the different line codes that ISDN BRI uses.
  • describe the I.430 frames that ISDN uses.
  • describe the ISDN primary rate physical interface.
  • identify BRI line codes and topologies and PRI T1 and E1 frame formats.
  • explain the details of LAPD in ISDN.
  • describe the management of SAPIs and TEIs in ISDN.
  • explain the resolution of contention in an ISDN point-to-multipoint topology.
  • explain the operation of layer-2 protocols in ISDN.
  • describe the operation of D-channel network-layer protocols in ISDN.
  • explain the difference between circuit, packet, and frame mode switching.
  • describe ISDN numbering and addressing.
  • explain the operation of D-channel layer-3 protocols in ISDN.




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