Issue-focused Negotiation: Are You Ready?

Individuals who want to develop their negotiation skills


Expected Duration
36 minutes

People often see negotiation as a matter of sticking to your ‘position’ while playing tug-o-war. But taking ‘positions’ involves an emotional/ego component inevitably leading to a dead end in negotiation. Instead, focus on the issue at hand, and learn strategies to communicate effectively and avoid falling into ‘positions.’ It takes the right mindset, essential communication skills and a toolbox of strategies to deftly handle any tricks the other party tries to use on you. This course will teach you how to stop playing…and stop being played.


Negotiation Skills and Best Practices

  • choose approaches that will help you prepare for a successful negotiation
  • recognize the impact of various communication practices on a negotiation
  • recognize recommended practices for negotiating
  • respond effectively to tricks or challenges from the other party
  • apply best practices during a negotiation





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