IT Challenges: Present and Future

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With every improvement in information technology comes new challenge. Whether trying to upgrade systems, enhance e-commerce opportunities, or simply make projects more successful, your job as IT manager is to avoid the pitfalls inherent in each task. Meanwhile, new and demanding responsibilities are on the horizon for governance, cybersecurity, and incident response, fields that are still under development. This course examines planning procedures for each of these tasks, and offers ways to prepare for the challenges you, as an IT manager, will encounter.

Target Audience

IT managers and other professionals with an interest in IT concerns



Expected Duration

150 min.

Course Objectives

Avoiding IT Pitfalls

  • recognize the importance of avoiding common IT pitfalls
  • match considerations for implementing IT projects to their respective examples.
  • select examples of procedures for making IT projects successful.
  • assess a business scenario and determine which strategies for project success have and have not been implemented correctly.
  • select examples of elements for establishing an effective e-commerce site
  • Into the Future: IT Management Concerns

  • recognize the benefits of understanding present and future IT challenges.
  • match examples to procedures for addressing IT governance issues.
  • assess the effective application of IT governance procedures in a hypothetical business situation.
  • sequence examples of steps for addressing cybersecurity risk.
  • sequence examples of steps for incident response in a hypothetical workplace scenario.




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