IT Strategy Essentials: Business and IT Strategy Alignment

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How well are IT and business strategies aligned in your organization? In companies where IT and business collaborate successfully, IT is often used to exploit innovation to drive constant improvement in business operations. This can result in new products and capabilities that give the company a competitive advantage. You can measure IT and business alignment by examining the extent to which IT supports business goals, and the degree to which business strategy capitalizes on IT capabilities. This course reviews the essential components of an IT-business aligned strategy. It also describes how to identify the level of IT and business alignment in your organization, and how to determine the value IT currently brings to your business in areas such as innovation, automation, and knowledge management. In addition, the course outlines ways you might improve alignment by, for example, developing an understanding of the role expected of IT and how that role affects budget, selection of technology, and IT governance.

Target Audience

Individuals involved in strategic IT planning, implementation, and management in their organization, as well as anyone in the business who wants to better understand the role of IT strategy in meeting organizational goals


Expected Duration

60 min.

Course Objectives

Course Overview

Aligning IT and Business Strategies

  • match examples of an IT-enabled business strategy to the components they illustrate
  • Levels of IT and Business Integration

  • determine the level of IT-business integration for a company in a given scenario
  • Assessing the Value of IT in Your Organization

  • assess the value of IT in a given organization
  • Improving IT Strategic Alignment with Business

  • describe ways to improve IT strategic alignment with business




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